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Are you a filmmaker, game developer, artist, or writer seeking to incorporate the richness of Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) lore, culture, and history into your projects? As an award-winning Arab multi-platform writer, director, producer, and designer with a deep understanding of MENA lore, culture, and history and over 10 years of experience, I utilize unique perspectives in storytelling. With a passion for blending traditional elements with contemporary narratives, I can help you craft engaging stories for various mediums, including films, video games, immersive installations, graphic novels, AR, VR experiences, etc. ​​​​​​​

What I Offer
Expertise Rooted in Arab Lore, Culture, and History: 
With a focus on specific time periods, regions, and themes, my specialization lies in creating narratives that are authentic, respectful, and immersive. Whether you need guidance on historical accuracy, cultural nuances, or mythological storytelling, I can provide you with valuable insights and recommendations to tell your own story.

Tailored Consultation: 
I offer flexible consultation packages to suit your specific needs. Whether you require a one-time consultation for brainstorming ideas or ongoing guidance throughout your project, I am here to support you at every stage of the creative process.

Cultural Sensitivity and Authenticity: 
MENA storytelling is a delicate balance of cultural authenticity and creative expression. I can help you navigate cultural sensitivities, avoid stereotypes, and incorporate MENA elements in a way that honors the region's diversity and heritage, while also creating engaging narratives that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Collaborative Approach:
 I believe in collaborative storytelling. By working closely with you, I aim to understand your vision, goals, and target audience, enabling me to provide personalized recommendations and insights that align with your project's objectives
How to Get Started
Contact Me: 
Reach out to me through the provided contact form or email to discuss your project requirements, timeline, and goals.

Discovery Session: 
We'll schedule an initial consultation to delve deeper into your project, its MENA storytelling potential, and the areas where you require assistance. This discovery session will allow me to understand your unique needs and propose a tailored approach to our collaboration. (Sessions can be in English or Arabic.)

For MENA nationals and individuals from developing countries, the 30-minute to hour-long discovery session is priced at a discounted rate of $100 USD. For clients from other regions, the regular price is $200 USD.

Consultation Services: 
Based on our discussion, I will offer recommendations, insights, and strategies to enhance your storytelling. This may include historical research, cultural references, character development, plot structuring, or any other aspect specific to your project's needs.

Follow-up and Ongoing Support: 
After our discovery session, I'll provide you with a summary of our discussion, actionable steps for moving forward, and the tools you might need to create a seamless story. I am available for follow-up consultations, script editing services, or ongoing support to ensure that your project stays on track.

Let's tell our own stories. 
Thank you! Please schedule your Discovery Session here:
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